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How To Spy On Competitor’s Website Traffic Sources? (with A FREE Tool)

Wees Slimmer Dan De Competitie! Doe de gratis website en SEO analyse check.

Verbeter uw online zichtbaarheid, wees vindbaar voor al uw potentiële klanten

You will discover competitor analytics as: time spent by users, a number of pages clicked, top keywords, social media traffic breakdown & much more.

Having knowledge about competitor analytics can help you get a head start on your marketing strategies.

There are multiple competitor analysis tools available but Similarweb is one of my favorites. Because it gives a significant amount of information for Free.

With Similarweb you can keep tabs on your competition and see where the site traffic is coming from and how many websites hits they are getting per month.

You can also check out various social media traffic sources and use to create your marketing strategies.

But one of my fav thing about this tool is that it enables me to see which country my competition is getting traffic from.

So, if I see a particular country that I am not targeting with my ads but my competition is getting traffic, I would start runnings ads targeting audience in that country.

FYI, I have no affiliation with this tool but wanted to share with my audience because I use SimilarWeb a lot and it’s been very beneficial for me.

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