Optimaliseren Synoniem

3 Traps To Avoid To Optimize The UX Of Your Ecommerce Site

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Verbeter uw online zichtbaarheid, wees vindbaar voor al uw potentiële klanten

In this video, PrestaShop UX designer Léa Mendès explains how to avoid three UX pitfalls, so you can offer an effective user interface to prospects and increase your conversion rate!
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Summary :
Trap no. 1 – Thinking for your customers :
Trap no.2 – Giving too much information :
Trap no.3 – Forgetting the stress factor :

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2 gedachtes op “Optimaliseren Synoniem”

  1. Nana Chocolate

    Otro problema que hay por ejemplo en 1&1 es que te exige poner demasiados pasos para registrarse , es decir: mayúsculas ,minúsculas, signos y numeros. mas que en una cuenta bancaria. 1&1 debería cambiar ese aspecto.
    un saludo y gracias

  2. Daniel D76 ramirez centurión

    its true the audience is wide, can be a mom with kids or a man at office, depends of what are you selling. the ux thru interface has to welcome the potencial customers.

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