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  1. Sadique Mannan

    I have a question that the tools that is seositechekup which u have used here for check up should be done in each and every page or just we have to analysise only website

  2. My Maths Teacher - Sapna Taluja

    Amazing tool you shared with us, now we are able to check SEO friendly site status by our own and convey the same to our developer to improve the same. Good Job. Thanx.

  3. hello sir .
    I need to check a trust fellow of any URL .so tell me which tool for this . free tool not paid tool
    I already visit majestic and mozbar bt I am not getting.
    so please help me sir

  4. Awadhesh Yadav

    Hi Sir,
    Can you share seo audit report of a websites in excel format as current standard.Because yesterday I have given an interview and i made audit report.But they rejected.
    So Please share a report format.

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