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How To Steal SEO Traffic With A Smart Competitor Analysis [AMS-01 By Gael Breton]

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Wees Slimmer Dan De Competitie! Doe de gratis website en SEO analyse check.

Verbeter uw online zichtbaarheid, wees vindbaar voor al uw potentiële klanten

Want to rank higher than your competitors? Then steal their SEO traffic using Site Explorer. Follow this step-by-step tutorial and learn a bulletproof SEO competitor analysis to find hundreds of keyword ideas you can rank for in Google.


The process is simple:

– Reverse engineer your competitors’ top content
– create something better
– replicate their backlinks
– increase your chances to outrank them.

And the way you do that is to piggyback off of your competitors’ content marketing efforts so that you can find the best content ideas you should focus your efforts on.

The SEO tools used in this video are:

Ahrefs Site Explorer –
Ahrefs Batch Analysis –

First, you’ll need to build the list of up to 50 competitors. How do you find them?

0:42 Add your site to Dashboard ( at Ahrefs.

0:50 Move to Ahrefs’ Site Explorer ( and check your Top 10 Competitors report within the SE – Overview tab. You may easily check each of them in SE, as well.

Another way to find competitors is to search them in Google.

Your next step is to find out how strong their domains are compared to you.

3:35 Submit your competitors’ sites for analysis into Ahrefs Batch Analysis tool ( and check their Domain Rating.

Pick up sites with Domain Rating within 5 of yours. For example, if your DR is 50, look for websites with a DR within 45-55.

5:30 Submit any of them for analysis to Ahrefs’ Organic Keywords Report (formerly ‘Positions Explorer’) –

This will find all of the keywords this website ranks for.

5:58 Check the “Top Pages” report in SE to see the pages on that domain that receive the most traffic and the number of keywords each of them ranks for.

Brainstorm keyword ideas and consider if it would be interesting to create content around these topics.

Perform this process for all of your competitors and the result will be a massive list of content ideas that your competitors are ranking for, that have the same level of domain authority as you.

From here, pick a topic you can blog about and you have pretty good chance of ranking high in Google. As long as you also do the effort of building the same kind of links to your content, the chances of increasing organic traffic will increase with it.

To build links, you can go back to Site Explorer, put your competitor’s page URL, look at the links they have and try to replicate those links.

You can also try to create backlinks using the broken link building technique covered in this video:

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  1. Kriti Purkayastha

    Thanks, It was a nice tutorial. Since I am a beginner in this field, This piece of information will help me a lot . Thanks. I will surely visit your site.

  2. 上里忠邦


  3. Dhaval chandpara

    you not give full information about backlinks. please tell me what to do after open competitors backlinks . you opened 3 or 4 but you nothing do. plz tell me what to do after opening link

  4. This is great to know but what version of AHREFs do I need to have. I am on the paid trial version but do not have the same screens that is shown on this and I don’t have a positions explorer.

  5. This does not work for ecommerce. All my high ranking competitors have PBN networks and buy links. Ecommerce and content marketing does not work together in my niche.

  6. Khondoker Islam

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    I have been there. It is all about the 2 free tools. These tools discover the authority sites related to your keywords. Finding high traffic authority site is one, and finding ways to place your link there is another! These two problems solved in a cool way. Totally worth checking.

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  7. It’s a great video on strategy. Reverse engineer their content is a good start, but
    how to write better content than your competitors is an entirely different question.
    I think when you promote this kind method you should mention a few ways to improve those articles and how to actually write something better. I know this video is about link building but it should mention something about that too.

  8. Cécilien Dambon

    Thanks for this video with great content ! Is there any possibility to use positions explorer with french websites or does it work only with UK and US domains ? Thank you

  9. Digitálním nomádem

    Thank you for this tutorial. I love it! It’s exactly what I’m learning now. I have a question: Why do you focus only on pages with the same domain/page authority? Why don’t you get backlinks from websites with higher domain/page authority? Please explain. Thanks!

  10. This is nothing more than just the basic keywords research and spying your competitor keywords. But still, if you don’t know how to build tier links, how to do a proper onpage, how to get quality links (guest post, pbn, edu, gov) then you won’t rank a damn thing and you won’t steal anybody’s traffic. SEO is expensive. It’s a spend money to make money business. End of story.

  11. Gerald in Crete

    Nothing like creating continuing fresh content once your website is on the first page of google search results. Why authorityhacker does not give positive examples of the technique?

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