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Local SEO: Step-By-Step How I Rank My Clients #1 On Google (2018) Live Examples

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The Local SEO Strategies I use to rank my clients #1 on Google

Local SEO 2018: A Step By Step guide on how I rank my clients #1 in Google’s search engine

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You can rank any local website #1 on Google by watching this video. Local SEO is a great way to make money and I show how I make this possible step-by-step in 2018. I encourage you to subscribe for more great content:

It’s also important to note that the techniques taught in this video are actual techniques that I’ve learned directly from the following individuals:

Neil Patel
Mike Long
Joshua Earp
Alex Becker
Gregory Ortiz
Stephen Floyd

This video was uploaded today because I finished it way earlier than I thought.

Local SEO has really changed the landscape of business in regards to local search engine traffic. A website for targeted keywords that are local (Best Brooklyn Laundromat), with the correct URL, META, & TITLES, will always rank #1 in Google with the proper backlinking.

Here is the best part, backlinking can be purchased so you can buy your way straight up the search engines in a short period of time. Local SEO is also great because you can get a much higher click-through-rate by ranking in the 3-pack. Which are the Google maps above the normal search results?

So, here are whats discussed in this video:

-Google’s algorithm
-Market Research/Keyword Research
-On Page Optimization
-Off Page Optimization
-PBNS )Private Blog Networks
-White hat links

And last but most importantly, how to make money with SEO. whether it is your own business or you’re a marketing firm, Search Engine Optimization in 2018 is the easiest way to increase sales online.

It’s also important to note the tools we use in the video when ranking local SEO in 2018:

These tools allow us to perform our jobs much more efficiently. SEO is very similar to a game/sport, if you have the right gear and equipment (software), you will likely perform better.

I really hope that this video has helped you learn a little bit why SEO is so important as it is the magic of all organic search traffic. This video is also being added to a playlist so you can stay up to date on all of the upcoming changes/hacks with natural SEO, local SEO, and video SEO in the near future.

Local SEO tips 2018:

-Get LOTS of content, go to to get content
-Go to to get written content
-To buy PBNS go to
-To get white hat links to use

And last but not least, if you need to hire me to do your local SEO, my contact information is down below:

Ruan M. Marinho
51 Brook st
Naugatuck, CT 06770
[email protected]

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  1. my brother Ruan. I ve told you before and Ill say it again. You my friend are one awesome source of intell. I can only hope that anyone wacthing this and the many other quailty value packed videos you share so freely, That they understand the true value and the time and effort to post these videos is a labor of love. I know you dont have to do this but its your passion and it shows. Just know you will be blessed for the help and genunie want and desire to help others. I for one Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The only other person or channel thats worth learning from is miles blecker. He is as good as it gets , Well you and him are as good as it gets. Thanks for all you do. love your life. rip and tear wayne jordan

  2. Producer Reviews

    Could you use the information that you collect in spyfu for how much the website is driving in per month and charge your client more based on those numbers if you are selling them a URL?

  3. Hey Ruan, I noticed you said you’re not using some of these techniques any more. Are you going to make a vid with your updated techniques? I new to SEO and I’m trying to learn. I have my 1st client and ranked him in the top 3 on the snack pack, but still working on the reggie google seach. Thanks for the vids man, you’re a big help.

  4. Mohamed Yusuff

    Great content Ruan . Recently i came across a similar course which charges around 6000 dollars. Still undecided.. your video made it clear how it works..

  5. Business Reviews UK

    Loved the heat map. Just shows how much more clicks the top 3 position in Google get, as apposed to the results below them. Also love your emphasis on LSI. Most of my rankings over the years has been as a result to applying good sematnics to my titles, content etc. How I achieve my 3-pack listings in Google for local businesses is purely by creating good, relevant citations and backlinks. To find the best sites in which to publish these I used a desktop software tool called ‘Local SEO Pro’. Don’t have a link but you can Google it. I also ensure that a Facebook and Instagram, Twitter account etc is setup for the business and have these linked up. Having positive reviews helps tremendously too.

  6. Sourav Basak

    There’s no doubt that 2018 has its fair share of benefits for marketers or webmasters, who want to reap big from SEO. Every marketer wants to move their site from a lowly rank to a prominent ranking. Even though search engine optimization to many sounds like a hard to crack enigma, formulating and using killer strategies will drive up website ranking.

    Anyways, read the below. This might help.

    Sourav Basak
    Namaste UI

  7. Channel Fiend

    I was with you until you mentioned getting backlinks, pdn’s, and whatever else from fiverr. Blackhat techniques are a quick way to get your site sandboxed and blacklisted.

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