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  1. I am amazed watching this video. It’s great. Totally. I however have one thing in my mind. What if one day these tools stopped working, for whatever reasons. Just imagine that they do. What then? So should I learn to do the SEO on my own? Just to be sure?

  2. A complete waste of time!!! this idiot is trying to sell us quicksprout and yaost services. Any one who wants to get to top spot on SEO can for free go to bing webmaster, google webmaster, or yandex webmaster better known as google console or bing console or yandex console. If you speak chinese there is also baidu console. You dont need quicksprout or ndont need yaost. They are all scams. Stop false advertising by claiming that you have 7 free ways to get to number one spot on google. What a waste of time. 5 thumbs down

  3. Neil i recently launch a e-commerce website which have 70+ pages, but now i don’t have a team to do seo, so is that i have to spend months on finding keywords, or any software or tools can help me to do it faster. ?

  4. Sheryle Mardell

    well I rushed to the quicksprout website but it didn’t give me help for my websites – I just had to give all my contact details. I hope I’m not going to get lots of nuisance calls 😕

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