5 gedachtes op “Check Website For Seo Errors”

  1. Thomas Nordén

    I am starting to learn ahrefs and the more I learn, the more I like it 🙂

    How can you exclude or limit the number of query strings in the audit, like I can do in Screaming Frog SEO?

  2. Nashwa Mostafa

    Hello Sam,
    thanks alot but can you recommend us a guide to solve those technical issues?and It will be great if you publish a video about fixing those issues practically like choosing a site you already work on and start sharing with us how you’ll fix it .
    Thank you

  3. Prem Ramesh Jethmalani


    Thank you for the Information Shared, I am a beginner and require a few Details and help, can you please provide a checklist for Audit or Analysing to understand better one by one,


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