A Beginner’s Web Design Tutorial For 2018 – Part 1 Of 2

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Part 2:
Today’s Question: Do you use a CSS Framework or none at all?
— I have received a lot of requests to show the *full* process of both UI design, and then taking that UI design (produced in XD, Sketch, etc..) and making it a near pixel-perfect representation in the browser with HTML and CSS. Well, today I’m delivering! This will be a 2 part series where today, we’ll design the UI in Adobe Experience Design, and tomorrow (promptly at 10:30 AM ET), we’ll tackle HTML and CSS (without the use of any CSS frameworks).


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15 gedachtes op “Webdesign”

  1. Google sites isnt The most creative Tool out there, but i find it very easy to Use, The only sort of a problem that im having is trying to embed music on The site , Sound Cloud Works , but id rather have a non branded music player on there 🙂

  2. I like CSS frameworks because I get really cool and powerful tools that I don’t have to build myself. For example Bootstrap has a carousel, different kinds of collapsable navbars, and a grid component that just helps out the layout process. Without Bootstrap I’d have to make these things myself and there’s no need to.

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