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  1. Las Vegas SEO Digital Dynasty

    Neil’s great, good videos for beginners trying to optimize their sites. Although there are much more tactics needed in order to outrank #1 competitors in local service based markets.

  2. Adrian chic handmade

    gracias por su información… hoy conocí su canal por recomendación de una estrevista. usted habla de una manera muy sencilla para lograr entender este mundo de la informatica, para mi es muy complicado pero necesario. gracias

  3. Neil, I am a newbie in affiliate marketing and I am not tech savvy at all but I actually created a website that has affiliate programs I recommend and I want to promote with an exit pop up. Should I really hire a Fiverr person to do an SEO opt for me just for now? My main focus as an affiliate marketer is really to gather emails and to promote the programs. Please let me know.

  4. Marc Gray - The Wolf Of Online Marketing

    Just wanted to give a shout out to you Neil, I used a trick for indexing for my 3 year old marketing site and it worked perfectly! It was on your site! Thanks, many of what you have taught has saved my full time marketing business! Keep up the great work mate! Marc

  5. I want to say that suport is amazing and I really appreciate the effort you’ve gone into putting everything together. You’ll be helping so many people succeed and I know that you’re going to be blessed millionfold 🙂

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