20 gedachtes op “Online Marketing Plan”

  1. Christopher Vera

    Hello Mr. Zahner, this video was incredible. The content was very straight to the point! I’m going to implement this in my startup. I liked, shared and subscribed !

  2. wesley ebanks

    Hey Mr. Tyson, my name is Wesley, I’m from Grand Cayman, I’ve just turned 20 I’ve joined World Wide dream builders which is branched from Amway. I just want to know what would you do if you were my age and just starting off, what is something you wished you would have done from the start? I’m willing to the work sir, but i feel like like I’m missing a step or there is something I’m over looking and i don’t want to rush into things before at least figuring it out first. Your videos are very educational and intriguing!

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