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  1. Just an observation take it how ever you guys want But he is always “subtely” showing off. Now dont get me wrong i believe in the power of inspiration but this marketing technique is just getting old Tai. I guess there is a sucker born every minute…

  2. Sterling Lowery

    Whoever has the strongest belief about how their reality is, and can communicate it to others most effectively, will bring their reality into being.

  3. Marketing Admin

    I just did the math on your 1/2 billion minutes – if I’m right, that’s 951 years of viewing? Being in marketing myself, I can’t ignore those numbers. I work in the outdoor industry, which just gained recognition as a contributor to U.S. GDP, and I’d like to know which of your products/services would be most beneficial in helping my adventure company gain (and retain) new clients; especially the millennial demographic. The company I work for is Wildland Trekking. Thanks in advance, any info is greatly appreciated.
    Cheers, Josh

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