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  1. Rahul - The Digital Marketer

    An extremely good stream. Perfectly Illustrated. A crystal clear presentation. Digital marketing seems to be a goose bump for the startups and entrepreneurs of today and it can feed them with the spoons of taste.
    Jack from piqued.in

  2. Fazal Hussain Aasar

    Customer service no doubts would be future of gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors and SAS ca play a great role in it. My point of view on customer service is the same as of Richard Branson said: “Take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers”.
    The fact is you can not do all the customer service by yourself and only hiring quality labour does not solve the problem so a business owner must treat its employees very well just like partners in order to gain a competitive edge over other niche relevant direct or indirect competitors.
    Digital marketing has really transformed how businesses run and now data and latest technology like SAS plays an important role maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and for analyzing causes of sudden downfalls in customer liking for your brand.
    Role of customer service representatives is also on a decline with new AI advanced chatbots but still, the human element is supreme and does not seem to be witnessing a downfall in cruciality any sooner. Here is the interesting blog post on what is digital marketing and how it is getting transformed, I would recommend you to read it.

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